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iNOVA Media Lab Laboratory Coordinator: Paulo Nuno Vicente

Created in January 2016, iNOVA Media Lab’s mission is to translate scientific knowledge into real solutions for contemporary media, addressing the challenge of a broken link between R&D institutions, local communities and the industry.

iNOVA Media Lab develops applied research in the convergence of creative digital media and emerging technologies anchored around six key thematic areas: 1) immersive and interactive narrative, 2) information visualization, 3) digital methods and web platforms, 4) science communication, 5) digital journalism and 6) the future of education.

Committed to translational science and knowledge transfer, by working in the intersection between social sciences and digital technologies the laboratory leverages the triangle Applied Research – Education – Society Liaison in straight collaboration with national and international communities of practice, academic and industry partners, contributing to a creative, supportive and sustainable research ecosystem.

An active member of UT Austin-Portugal Program – International Collaboratory for Emerging Technologies, iNOVA Media Lab is equipped with state of the art technological resources that are indispensable to its high laboratorial intensity in the prosecution of experimental research, product development and maintenance of open databases and provision of internal and external services (multimedia production, digital communication, consulting, media training).