LICA – Applied Communication Research Lab2023-04-13T14:47:42+00:00

LICA – Applied Communication Research Lab

Coordinator: Ana Margarida Barreto

The Applied Communication Research Laboratory (LICA) presents itself as a facilitating space for the development of empirical research projects in the areas of Strategic Communication and Decision-Making Processes.

This mission is achieved by providing ICNOVA researchers with technological equipment and software that allows for the observation, collection and analysis of attitudes and behaviours, individually or in groups, at its facilities (for example, eye tracking technology, galvanic skin response, SPSS, FaceReader, etc).

It is also our aim to boost skills in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, contributing to the prestige of the ICNOVA research center and FCSH-UNL, as well as to promote the interest and participation of undergraduate and graduate students from the Communication Sciences Department at FCSH in the development of scientific knowledge.

As such, LICA resources are freely available to ICNOVA-affiliated researchers, with no service fee or overheads charged.