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Media and Journalism (M&J)

Research Group Coordinator: Carla Baptista

The activity of the M&J research group has been developed around two main areas: 1) Journalism Studies; 2) Media and Society. We privilege an interdisciplinary and critical approach of the discourses, contexts and media practices focused on analyzing the impact of deep mediatization dynamics on the democratic experience. Our main focus is the participation in research projects and international networks, in knowledge dissemination and in the production of reflexive media (namely, documentaries about the Portuguese media history). Our legacy allows us to highlight two aggregating thematics:

a) The reflection and monitoring of issues concerning Pluralism and Diversity, related with the development of projects such as MPM 2015-17; DIVinTV 2016-18; RadioActive Europe 2013-14; Concentration, Diversity of Voices and Competition in the Press Market 2013-14; Genre and News Production 2012-14.

b) The development of theoretical reflection and practical knowledge in the field of Politics and Communication, translated in projects such as Political Corruption in the Media: a comparative perspective of Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique 2012-14 and a lasting commitment to annually organize an international congress to debate the transformations of Journalism, Democracy and Citizenship.

The history, the memories and the ethics of journalism are also relevant research areas, across various media platforms and cultural contexts.

The challenge for 2018-22 is to deepen the following themes: 1) Pluralism, Diversity and Inclusion; 2) Politics, Journalism and Online Practices (projects concerned with hate speech, discrimination and stereotypes in the media).

As a result of collaborative interfaces with other research units from FCSH (namely, IHC, CICS.NOVA and CITI) and with media regulators and journalistic professional institutions, we will promote projects with cultural and social impact in the area of a) Media History, Archives and Memories; b) Media and Society; and c) Digital Literacy.

Alexandra Lima Gonçalves Pinto
Ana Luísa Ferreira Azevedo
Ana Mafalda Gini de Carvalho
Ana Paula Bittencourt
Anelise Hauschild Mondardo
António Varela
Arianna Mencaroni
Camila Lamartine
Cátia Preguiça
Cássia Ariane Scherer
Cleyton Douglas
Daniel Ribeiro Duarte
Daniela Correa e Castro de Carvalho
Diogo Queiroz Andrade
Elizângela Costa de Carvalho Noronha
Francisco José Carvalho dos Santos Vicente
João Carlos Martins
Luis Fernandes
Luis Manuel Ferreira Ricardo
Luis Manuel de Frias Machado
Luís Gouveia Monteiro
Mara Semyra de Paula Magalhães
Maria Joana Emídio Marques
Milena Ribeiro
Patrícia Correia Ascensão
Patrícia de Matos Sá Rego
Raquel Morais Lourenço
Raquel Palma Tomé de Sousa Botelho Louro
Silvia Manuela Marques Torres
Vasco Avides Moreira Araújo
Vítor José Pelaio Ventaneira Badalinho

Álvaro Matos
Bruno Bernardo de Araújo
Carlos Raposo
Cláudia Henriques
Joana Inês Fernandes
João Paulo de Jesus Faustino
Lucas Rohan
Mafalda Lobo
Maria José Brites
Pedro Diniz de Sousa
Raquel Lourenço
Rosangela Borges

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