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Net-Activism Observatory

Coordinator: José Bragança de Miranda

Integrated in ICNOVA’s Research Group Culture, Mediation and Arts, this observatory is part of the Net-Activism International Research Network, primarily affiliated to the Atopos Lab at University of São Paulo, coordinated by professor Massimo di Felice.

Several initiatives have been developed in this context, in particular in the framework of the meetings of the International Observatory of Net Activism.

As part of the activities of this Observatory, Marina Magalhães de Morais recently defended her doctoral thesis at NOVA FCSH (January 15, 2018) with an investigation, supervised by José Bragança de Miranda, entitled “Net Activism and Collaborative Actions in Social Networks”.

Rome International Sostenibilia Network Seminar
Sapienza University of Rome – Department of Communication and Social Research

Rome International Sostenibilia Network Seminar_Program_draft