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Ongoing projects

Ongoing Projects with ICNOVA Coordination:

RED Project – Digital Educational Resources for Basic Education
Coordinator: Paulo Nuno Vicente
Co-funding: European Union and Portugal 2020

Political Interest Networks in Facebook Portugal
Coordinator: Jorge Martins Rosa
Financing: FCT  (PTDC/COM-CSS/28269/2017)
Start date: 01/10/2018
End date: 30/09/2021

Towards a history of journalism in Portugal
Coordinator: Jorge Pedro Sousa
Financing: FCT (PTDC/COM-JOR/28144/2017)
Start date: 01/10/2018
End date: 30/09/2021

The Photographic Impulse: Measuring the Colonies and the Colonial Bodies. The Photographic and Filmic Archive of the Portuguese Geographic and Anthropologic Missions
Coordinator: Maria Teresa Mendes Flores
Financing: FCT (PTDC/COM-JOR/29608/2017)
Start date: 03/09/2018
End date: 02/09/2021

DIVinTV – Public Television and Cultural Diversity in Portugal
Coordinator: Francisco Rui Cádima
Financing: FCT (PTDC/IVC-COM/4968/2014)

Collaborative Platform – The Other Is Me
Coordinator: Maria Augusta Babo
Support: CNC – Centro Nacional de Cultura

COSMOS – Computational synesthetic methods for the cognitive study of multimodal digital narratives
Coordinator: Paulo Nuno Vicente
Financing: NOVA FCSH


Ongoing projects in partnership with other R&D Units / Institutions

NOVA FCSH Coordinator: Cristina Ponte (ICNOVA)
Financing: H2020 (Societal Challenges)
Total budget: 3,188.703 EUR; budget NOVA FCSH: 116.795 EUR

MPM 2020 – Media Pluralism Monitor – Monitoring Risks for Media Pluralism in EU Member States 
CMPF – Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom. European University Institute (Florence).
National Coordination: Francisco Rui Cádima
Financing: European Commission

EuKidsOnline (2006/…)
National Coordination: Cristina Ponte
Financing: Safer Internet Plus (2006-2011); Better Internet for Kids (2012-2014);
Partners:  Associação Ponto PT; Direção Geral de Educação; Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação.

New Neighbours
Coordinator: European Broadcasting Union
Partners: Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE), COMMIT – Community Media Institute for training, research and consulting, COSPE Onlus, Media Diversity Institute (MDI)
Local Researcher / Focus Group Leader (Portugal): Marisa Torres da Silva
Financing: Asylum, Migration and Integration fund (AMIF), European Commission
Start date: january 2019
End date: december 2020

Schools and Digital Media – the perspectives of Brazilian and Portuguese students
Team: ICNOVA, CICS.Nova, Instituto de Educação da Universidade de Lisboa e Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
National Coordination: Cristina Ponte
Financing: CNPQ/Brasil
Start date: 2018
End date: 2019

Liberdade de Expressão e de Imprensa – uma análise comparativa dos processos eleitorais em Portugal e Brasil
(OBCOM-USP/IPA– Instituto Palavra Aberta /ICNOVA)
Coordinator: Isabel Ferin Cunha (Portugal) and Cristina Castilho Costa (Brasil)

National Coordination: Carla Fernandes (BlackBox / ICNOVA) and Nuno Correia (NOVA FCT)
Financing: The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), European Commission

FACT  CHECKING. European  cooperation  project  on  fact  checking  training.  Empowering  current  and  future  media  and education  professionals,  to  identify,  prevent,  and  combat  disinformation (fake news) spread over digital networks.
– Principal Researcher l (IR): Irene Tomé (CITI e DCC NOVA FCSH).
Financing: Program ERASMUS PLUS ‐ KA203 ‐ Strategic Partnerships for higher education. Total budget: 425.000 EUR; budget NOVA FCSH: 106.000 EUR.
ICNOVA team coordinated by Francisco Rui Cádima will collaborate on this project of the partnership agreement that ICNOVA has with CITI.