Political Interest Networks in Facebook Portugal2020-12-11T16:55:10+00:00

Political Interest Networks in Facebook Portugal

Coordinator: Jorge Martins Rosa

Refª: PTDC/COM-CSS/28269/2017
Funding: FCT  
Start date: 
End date: 

Jorge Martins Rosa, José Bragança de Miranda, Bernhard Rieder, Vânia Baldi, Marisa Torres da Silva, Daniel Cardoso,  Janna Joceli, N. Gizem Bacaksizlar (Postdoctoral Researcher) and Alda Magalhães Telles (PhD Student).

Keywords: Online Social Networks, Facebook, Political Engagement of Citizens, Elections


This research project aims at characterizing the communicational activities of political actors in the social network platform Facebook. The activities of the actors selected to constitute the corpus will be monitored during a period encompassing the elections for the European Parliament and the national legislative ones, with the help of methodological tools of digital methods and network analysis, and later ot netnography and content analysis. We expect the retrieved data to answer our main research question: Considering Facebook as a platform that contemplates the expression and discussion of political views, how do Portuguese official and non-official actors use it and how are followers engaged? Besides the usual scientific outputs, from the retrieved data and their analysis we expect an original combination of established methods, a workshop on network analysis and usage of online personal data, and also a reliable portrait of the online activity in Portugal about political issues, allowing for a further comparison with the international panorama and the establishment of research networks with external partners.