ICNOVA is responsible for publishing:

2 scientific journals with peer review;
1 online magazine;
1 book collection

Journal of Communication and Languages 

ISSN: 2183-7198 
Frequency: Semiannual
Diretors: Margarida Medeiros, Teresa Mendes Flores
Former Directors: Maria Augusta Babo
Arquivo RCL
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Journal of communication and Languages is a biannual publication of Center for Research in Communication, Information and Digital Culture (CIC. Digital pólo FCSH/NOVA) in the field of the large scope Communication Sciences, created by the Centre for Communication and Languages Research Center (CECL) of NOVA University of Lisbon in 1988. This journal aims to contribute to interdisciplinary research in the field of communication and culture studies; to promote the meeting between different research networks in cultural studies high standard research in a national and international context; to contribute to research dissemination and to improve up-to-date research related to communication and culture teaching and researching. Each number has a special subject under which the call will be made.
The journal of Language and Communication is index in LATINDEX and ProQuest/CSA (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts).


Media & Journalism journal

ISSN: 1645‑5681 | ISSN digital: 2183-5462
Frequency: Semiannual
Depósito Legal: 186314/02
ERC Registration No.: 124296
Diretor: Francisco Rui Cádima
Former directors: Nelson Traquina, Estrela Serrano
All Issues:

Media & Journalism is the scientific journal of Media & Journalism Research Centre (CIMJ) aiming to constitute itself as a space of debate and dissemination of the scientific research and activities around media and journalism in Portugal and other countries. With the purpose of being a discussion forum either for the academic community either for lay publics interested in the role of media and journalism in modern societies, the journal intends to contribute to the understanding of complex social phenomena, critically assessing its present and past.

Media & Journalism is thus open to a wide and plural range of approaches and perspectives. The methodologies used can be very diverse but in all cases scientific accuracy and rigor is required. The articles shall contribute to a profound and critical knowledge of issues related to media, journalism and democracy; media and social identities; media history; journalism and ethics; political economy of media; media strategies; television and society; new media and new forms of journalism; journalism as an interpretative community.


Interact – Online journal on Art, Culture and Technology 

ISSN 2182-1402
Direction: Sílvia Pinto Coelho e Luís Mendonça

Interact: Online Journal on Art, Culture and Technology is a digital publication edited by the Center for Communication and Language
Studies (CECL)/CIC.Digital, currently integrated in ICNOVA. It aims to discuss and reflect on relevant themes of contemporary thought, the
critical monitoring of cultural and artistic events and practices, and the encouragement of experimentation with digital technologies and
information networks. Reducing the gap between culture and 
cyberculture is also one of its main goals, seeking to cross (and confront) more traditional practices in the field of culture (such as essay, criticism and recension) wht the practices of expression, reflection and creativity that are specific to digital culture, such as hypertextuality and hypermedia, interactivity and connectivity.

ICNOVA Book Collection

ISBN : 978-972-9347-26-9 (Digital) | 
978-972-9347-25-2 (printed)
Diretor: Francisco Rui Cádima
Maria Lucília Marcos
Cláudia Madeira

1st Series

2nd Series

ICNOVA has launched in its editorial area the collection ICNOVA Books for the online publication of scientific books in the area of Communication Sciences.
ICNOVA publishes free access electronic books in Portuguese and English.