ICNOVA (NOVA Institute of Communication) is a new research unit in the field of Communication Sciences in Portugal, resulting from former units (CECL and CIMJ, pioneers in the area; and CIC.Digital). Its current structure includes 4 groups (Media and Journalism; Culture, Mediation and Arts; Strategic Communication and Decision Making-Process; Performance and Cognition), and 3 labs (BlackBox, Scenic Experimentation Laboratory and iNOVA Media Lab).

Media and Journalism (M&J)
Research Group Coordinator:Carla Baptista
Culture, Mediation and Arts (CM&A)
Research Group Coordinator:Teresa Mendes Flores
Strategic Communication and Decision Making Process (SC&DMP)
Research Group Coordinator: Ana Margarida Barreto
Performance and Cognition (P&C)
Research Group Coordinator:Paulo Filipe Monteiro