Strategic Communication and Decision Making Process (SC&DMP)2021-06-21T11:35:33+00:00

Strategic Communication and Decision Making Process (SC&DMP)

Research Group Coordinator: Ana Margarida Barreto

The Strategic Communication and Decision-Making Process research group goal is to study the use by organizations of planned, controlled, and persuasive communication, in order to pursue its organizational goals (commercial, social, or political), from a holistic/integral perspective of communication.

The group also focuses on explaining and predicting human behavior as a consequence of the strategic use of communication by organizations, to foster individual and collective behavioural, emotional and cognitive change.

Particular (but not exclusive) attention will be given to the following domains: Energy Sector Policies; Health Care System; Development and Civic Inclusion; Tourism; Financial Communication; Water and Agricultural Policy; Cultural Marketing; Education System; Government and Political Communication.

Finally, this group also proposes to initiate a dialogue with possible organizational partners in order to bridge the gap between universities and organizations in the area of Strategic Communication and anticipate and test new solutions to common organizational problems.

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